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alt DF 2509 R
  • Less than 5 seconds to charge to 360J with battery
  • 100 Charge /discharge of 360J with fully charged new battery
  • Event Recording
  • Thermal Printing
  • LCD for sharp & bright non fade display More..
alt DF 2617
Bi-Phasic Defibrillators
  • Current Controlled Bi-Phasic waveform
  • 100 charge/discharge of 300J with fully charged new battery
  • 24 Event Recording
  • Noiseless Thermal Printing
  • LCD for sharp bright non fade display
  • Remote charging through paddles More..
alt DF 2617 AED
Bi-Phasic Defibrillator
  • Current Controlled Biphasic Waveform
  • 100 Charge/Discharge of 300 Joules in a single charge
  • Charge time < 10 Sec
  • 24 Event Recording
  • Storage, recall and printing of eventMore..
alt RELIFE 700
Defibrillator Monitor
  • Biphasic Technology
  • Truncated Exponential Waveform adapted to patient's impedance
  • Simple and inuitive
  • Poratable and lightweight
  • Control of the defibrillator and the printer from the paddles
  • Integrated paediatric paddlesMore..
BPL-Phoenix - DF 26288
Public Access Defibrillator
  • Automatically analyses and record the patient's ECG and prepares an electric shock
  • User friendly with easy to understand Audio and Visual prompts
  • Automatic self-tests for ensuring operational readiness
  • Capable od delivering 285 Joules of energy
  • Metronome signal tone for sysnchronizing chest compressions
  • Self explanatory illustrations and illuminated symbols for ease of useMore..


APICON - 2014

BPL Medical Technologies participated in the Asia’s biggest mega event having largest congregation of Physicians - the 69th Annual Conference of Association of Physicians of India

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